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Free Home Improvement Works Contract

HomePro will do its best to help you find a vetted trade professional who will offer IBG's on all relevant jobs, but the decision to employ a recommended professional is yours alone. In the unlikely event that a contractor goes out of business after the project is completed, the IBG will ensure that remedial work will be carried out. See Insurance Back Guarantee Basics /// See the IBG Details Page for more policy specific information.

If you are not completely happy with the project outcome, HomePro runs a highly effective conciliation service. The conciliation department can act as an intermediary between you and the trade professional. Complaints are rare and the majority reach an amicable conclusion.

Conciliation will only end when an agreement cannot be reached by both parties, at which point the only recourse may be to commence either party needs to implement legal proceedings. This process can be very upsetting and can be rather disconcerting to the uninitiated. To avoid this we have developed a Building Works Contract outlining the details of the job at hand.

When completed correctly and signed, both parties, will have a comprehensive document against which the outcome can be measured. Signing the contract means that both parties agree to be legally bound by the independent adjudicator but still allows either party to appeal the decision. The contract provides guidelines and further contact details for taking the process further.

View or Download the Building Works Contract here. (PDF format) You may require a PDF reader which one is available to download from Adobe.

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