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Scheduling The Works

The amount of work that a tradesman may produce in one day may not be as much as you might feel you are able to achieve, the tradesman is at work and not motivated in the same way as you would be. Inspect the completed work on a daily basis, but do not appear to be checking everything in minute detail as this may seem like you are looking for problems. Like wise If you are happy with the amount of work completed each day say so. The tradesmen are normal people with feelings! Work should appear neat, straight and be done correctly the first time without the need for filler and making good. The site and tools should be clean and tidy. A stack of materials deteriorating in the mud or being left outside overnight is a bad sign.

How To Handle The Completion Of Work

At completion compile a list, in your duplicate book, during an inspection with the builder of any points that you are not satisfied with. Agree a date for completion and even hold back a reasonable sum pending completion.

The completion should include removal of all materials; builders often leave some behind!

Ask for final certificates of inspection from building inspector.


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